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TheCubeNFT is about algorithmic NFTs of various ‘cubes'. There could be all sorts of “cubes” and those that are not even in the shape of a cube. There are certainly many fascinating “puzzles” and it is often satisfying to just watch them being scrambled and solved. The very first genesis collection is about Rubik's Cubes.


I believe art can be exhibited in many different forms. As a programmer and a math lover, I would like to share my fascination with people through animated puzzles in the form of NFTs.

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Who am I?

My name is mouisaac (@iMpecuniOUs_). I'm a software/blockchain developer, a mathematician, and a crypto/NFT enthusiast. I’m exploring what I can achieve in this crazy NFT space. This will be my starting point to establish my image and portfolio in the NFT world.

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There is no roadmap. I don’t like to make blank promises. 

I can tell you what I’m planning to do, but there’s nothing 100% certain in life.

Things can change, people can change, but I’m inviting all of you to take part

in the process and have fun.


I want to…


- build a community where people know exactly what I’m up to.


- provide value to the community and build our connections.


- make more collections where the art lies in the beauty of mathematics.

As an example, algorithms.


- use the funds to purchase NFTs from well-established projects, have access

to their community, and build connections. I will be able to transfer all the values gained from it to our community.

As my personal picks, we could obtain a CyberKongz or an MYAC to not only gain access to them but also gain exposure.

This sounds perfect in theory but we will see how it executes in practice.

- use the remaining part of the funds to support myself in either paying my expenses or paying part of my student loans. I also want to keep a portion to simply be used as liquidity to continue to invest in promising projects. This is what I currently planned.

Note: nothing is set in stone, anything could change depending on holder consensus as well as impactful news for example.

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"I love NFTs"

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The Cubes?

There will be 256 cubes in total. 8 of them will be pre-minted for me to utilize (e.g. giveaways, collaborations, appreciations, etc.). There are a total of 6 super-rare extra-glowing 1/1 cubes for the 1/1 collectors with specific type of formulas. A quarter of the cubes (64 cubes) will have algorithmic patterns (created with 32 formulas), where you will see a loop from a solved cube to a pattern, then reversed back to the solved state. The remaining cubes will be looping between a scrambled state and a solved state. The GIF on the right is one of the scaled down prototypes of the cubes in the collection with my favorite pattern.

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How did you come up with the idea?

Rubik’s Cube was the very first puzzle I obtained as a kid. I had been participating in competitions a few years ago and I have founded a Rubik’s Cube Club in my IB high school to teach juniors through algorithms I crafted for beginners. I haven’t seen any such NFTs and I would like to take this opportunity to share my fascination with puzzles and connect with people with similar interests or that have faith in the potential of this kind of collection and the community around it!

Why should I mint one?

Yes, one of the most important questions. My response is simple, I want to find people who can appreciate the value of such algorithmic NFTs, as well as people who can see the potential of a new software developer transitioning into a blockchain developer. Regardless of whether such transition is successful or not, I believe it's worth participating and basically getting involved from the very beginning of such a process.

What should I expect from this project?

Well, you will have access to me from the start and maybe much more. Possessing one of the "genesis cubes" from this very first collection will allow you to witness the birth of a new community and have access to all future mints. I will be sharing everything I'm doing and you can take part in decision makings. I would love to use the funds to make a purchase from a well-established collection and become the access point to that valuable community for all of us and essentially maximize the values from it. I want to build a solid community where people can have a place to chill from all the over-hyped projects and maybe take time to appreciate the beauty of mathematics if they want to. You don’t have to be talented in math to appreciate its beauty. Of course, there will be some intense discussions and in this fast-paced NFT space, you have to have sharp eyes, detective sense, and act extremely quick, so I’m also wanting to provide insights to everyone in the community from myself and the communities I’m connected with or is about to join.

What happen if it didn't sell out?

This is a valid concern but there is a reason why I'm doing it this way. There are only 256 cubes in the supply and each wallet can purchase up to 4 cubes. I want to observe and experiment with the current NFT space and see exactly what happens when a completely new solo project pops up with a stealth launch from a new but doxxed developer. I am optimistic in thinking that there must be these many people that would enjoy puzzle solving or even just having satisfaction watching puzzles being made and solved. I would also believe that people would see the value and potential in me as a brand new developer who is eager to learn and is trying his best in getting his hands on crypto and NFTs. It might take time to sell out, but I will be sharing it with all the communities that I'm involved in, and I believe many of them do appreciate and share the vision I have. If not, I can keep making improvements, I do not give up and you should not too.

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